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Who can use Direct Payment?

Anyone who chooses debt consolidation as the reason for their loan may be able to use Direct Payment for up to 10 credit cards. There’s no fee to use Direct Payment.

What is the on-time payment reward?

The on-time payment reward is a payment deferral feature for customers who consistently pay on time. After making 12 or more consecutive monthly payments in full and on time, you can defer one payment. At Zillium, we want to help our customers pay off their debt, so we offer the ability to defer payments without accruing additional interest or fees.

Do I have to use my on-time payment reward right away?

No. You can use it for any future payment so long as you continue to pay in full and on time.

What is a “Business Day?”

Our Business Days are Monday through Friday excluding standard holidays observed by the Federal Reserve System. Wire transfer requests made after 3 pm C.T. on a Business Day or on a non-Business Day, or ACH transfer requests made after 5 pm C.T. on a Business Day or on a non-Business Day, shall be considered received on the next Business Day.

Is OMG Securities a P2P lender?

Loans from OMG Securities by USFCX® are a product of Goldman Sachs Bank USA. Peer-to-peer lenders are not banks. They match lenders to borrowers directly via an online service.

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